White Water Rafting
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White Water Rafting

Salta Rafting - Located Near Salta Argentina. On Juramento River´s Canyon, called Peñas Blancas, close to the great Cabra Corral dike. Situated on kilometer 34, of route 47. They will come and collect from Salta in a mini bus for a small charge. Its about 2 hour drive.

The area has fanstic rocks, aswell as a great river. A day out well worth it.

Our day included transport from Youth hostal, Salta. A safety talk, 2 hour bounce over the rapids, short bus ride back with a hot drink and snack, followed by a great BBQ. To finish transport back. For just peso. 

Wow help us!

We did get tiped about a bit, but never got tiped out which was good news


As we went down river we would paddle and drift though a carm section to give us a break before bouncing down the next set of rapids

Us Waving

We did get wet

Paddling Hard

It was hard work paddling for 2 hours


I suppose they made the river more fun and intresting


Still getting wet, and colder. But it did not matter as we were padding hard and having great fun.

Up we go

A fantastic time