Iguazu Water Falls
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Iguazu Water Falls

The Iguazu water falls are located on the boarder of Argentina and Brazil. They are in Misiones Province Argentina.

The specaluar falls are well worth a visit. We spent one day viewing them from the Argentina side, and the other day from the Brazil side.

My favorite image of Iguazu Falls

The photo taken from our power boat trip up to see the falls. It gave a wonder first time viewing of the specatuar water falls with a rain bow in front.

Showing the 2 layers

The Iguazu falls are made up of loads of smaller water falls, this makes them very specatuar to see. They do not drop a huge hight becuase most of them drop twice like this photo shows.

The Spray

When viewing the falls expect to get very wet just from the spray. It was very hard to get the spray to capture well on camera. This image tryes to show the spray created by the falling water.

Looking into the devils throat

This photo taken from the Brazilian side looks up into the most dramic part of the falls.

The day before we walked out on a bridge from the Argentina side to look down on that section, which is also well worth doing.

Argentina Side of Iguazu falls

Taken from the Braizlian side looking across to Argentina. Part of the huge Iguazu falls

Power Boat Trip

On the Argentina side, we started with a Safari through the jungle. Then we board a power boat. If visiting the water falls well worth doing. This was a great way to see the falls for the first time. It powered us up the river to the falls, gave time to take some stunning photos. Afterwards we got socked as it took us through the spray created by the falling water.

The Silient Boat Trip

To complete our day at Iguazu, after doing the walks to see the falls, we took the silient boat trip. This is an inflateable rowing boat that a guide very good at spotting wild life gently rows through the islands in the river above the falls. This is a great chance to see some of the wild life. We were very lucky to see tookens, Kaymen (Crockadile), turtels, monkies, etc very close up.