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The Trek

Our Trekking phase takes us 9 days of walking. We start at San Bernardo (3200m) as small mountain village. We walk for about 5 -7 hours each day camping at nights in our tents. The weather was sunny durning the day and cold at nights when some nights droped to -14 C. We travelled thought the Chani pass at about 4200m, before our desent in Jujuy provence. We finially end by walking down a dry river bed to Yala.

Sun Setting at Potrero de Chani

As the sun was setting and put us into shade the temperature started to drop fast. Ever night on trek was cold, which made cooking hard. When we washed our bowls after we had eaten the water would freeze in our bowls on the way back to our tents. When we got up in the morning we would start to pack up and eat breakfast awaiting the sun to start to warm us up. 

The view of where we were going to walk.

To help us acclimatise we stayed two nights at the same altitude and walked up a near by peak and along the ride.

On the Chani Pass at about 4200m

View over the Andes from the Chani pass, which was close to the large mountain called Chani


Our stoney area for our campsite one night on trek. That night evening was very windy and cold.

Above the clouds

On our desent some clouds had moved into the lower valley, which make the path down icy

Local Andean people

A kind family which allowed us to sleep in a room as we passed by their house. People living in the Andes seemed very happy with their simple lives, but they still had tought weather and conditions.

Ice on path

Due to the clouds on a lower section of step sided mountains the path had ice on which had to be covered with grit before we could cross it to make it safe for us and the mules.