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Travelling Argentina
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Welcome to my website about my expedition to Argentina

This site is about my expedition to Argentina. I went on expedition in July 2005 for 1 month, it was a great experance and i had an enjoyable time. This website takes you throught my expedition, of which i was part of a team of 20 who went with World Challenge.

Whats on the Site

Home page: Brief introduction

About me and the website: Information about me and the website.

Argentina - Where i went: Information and Map of where i went in Argentina

Sights from Argentina: Selection of Photos showing Argentina

Slide Show: Selection of Photos complided in a slide show

White Water Rafting: Information and Photos of our adventure down river.

Trekking: Photos and information about our trekking phase in the Andies.

Canoeing: Photos and information about our canoeing phase in Formosa.

Project Phase at Yacutinga: Information and Photos

Iguazu Water Falls: Photos of the stunning Waterfalls

Buenos Aires: Photos and information about the city

Contacts Page: Feel free to send me messages vir form emailer.

Useful Web links: Thinking about going or want to see more websites.

Guest Book: Please sign my guest book before leaving.

Iguazu Water Falls

A must visit if you are in Argentina or Brazil

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White Water Rafting

Great fun well worth it if you visit Salta