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Our Canoeing Phase

We did our Canoeing phase in the provience of Formosa. It is a lowlieing flat area with rivers. We were in Canadan style canoes with single paddles. We were allowed one rucksack between two people. This ment we could only take the minuim anount of equiment and it was still a squash to pack it all. The Rucksack went in the middle of the Canoe.

We Canoed down stream 100km over 3 days. Which was very hard work. During the Canoeing phase it gave us a change of sencery, and a chance to cook over open fires and see different wildlife.

Where we went

We started on a small river North of the city of Formosa, we then joined the Paraguay River which runs on the boarder of Argentina and Paraguay. We Then Canoed down so we ended up at the City of Formosa.

The first River

The first river, a tributary of the Paraguay River, was much smaller and gentaler. Both banks had jungle, with monkeis in, which was confurmed one morning when we saw them swingging between trees. This river had lots of dead treel stumps sticking up out of the water which we had to avoid. It also meadoed lots making the canoe more intresting.

Canoeing On the Paraguay

We joined the Paraguay River which at times was 300m wide. This river did have some large ships using it so we had to keep our eyes open. The wind was much stronger and if at times it blew against us it make it extreamly difficult. At times we could take short cuts which were intresting at times essply when some of us ran a ground.

The river banks were muddy some of us at very muddly. Also ment that the water we had to drink which came from the river was also muddy. Lucky we also managed to carry a bottle of water each day, meaning we only had to drink about a 1L of river water.