Argentina - Where I went
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My Expedition to Argentina

On our one month long expedition around Argentina we travelled by busses. The long distances buses are more comforable than planes making travel enjoyable.

We landed in Buenos Aires and then traveled to Salta near the north west corner of Argentina on the each of the mountains. There we when white water rafting before doing our trek thought the mountains.

We then travelled across to the provence of Formosa. When we canoed on a small river to start with then onto the Paraguay river.

Afterwards we travelled upto Misiones province, where we did conservation work in the Jungle and then visited the specatuar Iguazu Water Falls.

Then to end with a few days in Buenos Aires.

  A map showing Argentina and where i went

The Red lines show the route i took.

1 - Our arrival in Buenos Aires

2 - Salta, place were we did white water rafting and perpared for trek. We trek in the Andes about 2 hours from Salta.

3 - Jujuy, where we ended our trek and got onward transport to Formosa

4 - Formosa the town where we prepared for canoeing. We canoed on nearby river.

5 - Yacutinga (near Andresito), where we did our project phase

6 - Iguazu falls. We stayed at a campsite Americano outside Puerto Iguazu the near by town.

7 - Buenos Aires our look around time and prepare to depart.

Argentina Map

  Trek Area

Map contains Salta and Jujuy provinces

1 - Salta where we prepared and got transport to trek from. Transport to San Bernardo (not marked)

2 - Chani mountain we walked though the pass from Salta Province to Jujuy province.

3 - We ended the trek at Yala

4 - Jujuy were we got taxi from campsite so we could get onward bus

Trek Area Map

  Iguazu and project area map

1 - Wanda we got off long distance bus and souced transport to Andresito

2 - Andresito, we brough food and tool for project phase.

3 - Yacutinga project area

4 - Campsite Americano where we stayed for Iguazu falls time.

5 - Iguazu falls - inside the national park

6 - Puerto Iguazu - Argentina town, small and nice with places to eat, also a good ice cream shop near bus station.

7 - Fos do Iguazu - Braizlian town, larger place, we went there when we went to Iguazu falls in Braizl. There is a bus across the border between the towns

Iguazu Area Map