Project at Yacutinga
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Our Project

When we are out in country we also do some project work. Our project work is based at a private resever called Yacutinga, which is just outside the Iguazu national park in Misiones provence.


Across the Jungle at Yacutinga

The Jungle looking across with Brazil in the background and the Iguazu river. One morning when we awoke from our tents we saw a monkey swinging in the trees 

  What we did on Project

Our task was to collect little trees from established areas of jungle from the trails were visiters to the area walk. We could collect these trees as they would not survived due to competion and people walking. We then planted them into bags, ready to be planted out into the clearings during a rainy season.

We collected and planted into bags around 1000 trees in all.

About Yacatinger

Yacutinga is trying to protect the endargard species of trees and animals aswell as replant the jungle which was cleared for Cattle grazing.

It does eco touristum, there is a lodge where vistors go to see the wild life, each visitor plants a tree before leaving to help the jungle restablish.

Yacatinger Weblink

Spending time camping in the Jungle

We were there in the winter. The day temperature was very pleasent, lucky lots of shade was avaliable as it reached about 30 C in the shade. At night the temperature would fall to a pleasent sleeping temperature.

In the evening the cooking team would light a fire for us to cook our evening meal on. As we had fresher food availiable we used 2 large cooking pots, to make a sauce to go with pasta or rice. The last night we had a BBQ.

We had to keep all our food in a wooden box, also we could not leave any unattended when cooking in the evening as the area had Posums. These are like gaint rats. They would come up really close to you to get food. It made after dark times scary.

The tree nursary

Part of the way though the tree collection. Some of the team filled bags when the rest collected the little trees. In the afternoon we would plant them into the bags.

Deep in the Jungle

Looking at the undergrowth. In the Jungle their are many layers. The trees also had small plants growing in them. In the middle of the picture is a very tall tree, with butress roots to help support it.