Back ground information about me
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Who am I

I was 18 at the time i went on expedition and created this website. I have just finished sixth form. I joined the team when i was at school and for about 18 months we had to raise the money and prepare to go to Argentina.

I was part of the team of 17 students and 3 leaders that went for a month to Argentina on a World Challenge expedition. We all had a great time, Argentina is a country of great contrasts and we had a really great expedition.

How i raised the money

For the expedition we each had to raise the money. Some we raised though team fund raising events such as bag packing at suppermarkets which was successful. We also had part time jobs to raise a steady income, along with other events and jobs we orgaisned.

World Challenge

World Challenge, a London based company which orgainses expeditions for teams of challengers from school. They prepare an itinary and provide the team with a leader. While giving advice and support of fund raising, and team building.

World Challenge Website link
World Challenge